47 New Donors at KCPC SNL!

Swabbers at KCPC SNL

Thank you KCPC SNL for the opportunity to share my personal story and host a bone marrow drive at your service. The reception to the drive was awesome, and 47 new donors right before the new year was a great way to round out an exciting year.

Please remember to share the cause with your friends, family, schools, student organizations, coworkers, etc.! With education and awareness I firmly believe that an absence of minority bone marrow donors is a problem that can be eliminated within our lifetimes. Thank you for your willingness to save lives!

This brings the official total of in-person bone marrow registrations for Cheekswab to 463 for the year!

KCPC Salt and Light Bone Marrow Drive, Sunday, December 30, 2012

Location: Korean Central Presbyterian Church, Salt and Light Service (English Ministry Young Adults)
Address: 15451 Lee Hwy Centreville, VA 20121. Room 2120 (map)
Date/Time: After service on Sunday, December 30. Service begins at 2:30pm, so the drive should run from roughly 4-5pm.

I’ll be giving a short message on both Sunday, December 23 and Sunday, December 30 (drive day) related to my personal story in creating cheekswab and the need for bone marrow registrants. Given that Cheekswab officially launched almost exactly a year ago, a bone marrow drive on the second-to-last day of 2012 seems like an awesome way to end the year. It’s been an incredible run so far.

Here’s to more adventures, bone marrow registrants and saved lives in 2013! 🙂