Andrew Park Finds Donor, Timothy Song 40+ Days Past Transplant!

Andrew Park and his Dad
Andrew Park and his Dad

Andrew Park finds a bone marrow donor!

Andrew Park, the 17 year old boy from Illinois who ODPC honored with a bone marrow drive last month, is now in remission and has found a bone marrow donor in the registry!

From his father’s blog:

Dr. Sonali started by saying since his chromosome 7 and 8 have diffused and with Andrew being in remission, his chances of survival just got much better and he is in IDEAL shape to go into transplant. Continue reading “Andrew Park Finds Donor, Timothy Song 40+ Days Past Transplant!”


Timothy Song

From Alice Song’s blog:

It is confirmed. 9/10 match. Not perfect, but may be good enough. I am trusting God this is His leading and guidance. We need to meet with the BMT department. I have a LOT of questions and concerns that I want to ask and bring up. This also means, we are going to try to fly out to Children’s Hospital of Texas to get a 2nd consult on the transplant. It’s unbelievable, at the same time what it’s suppose to be. My mind is racing with things I need to do, people I need to email, logistics of possibly relocating to the fears of transplant risks.

Thank you for your prayers. I have been encouraged beyond words from people close and far, even from people I have never met. THANK YOU. Your prayers have been my strength when doubts cloud over me. Please continue to do so as we make many life-changing decisions for our family.

Please continue to spread the word about bone marrow registry. This prospect of hope can be given to another family…

Lastly, would you lift up a prayer for Timothy’s health today? He had a fever today. He hasn’t had a fever in a long time, since April. I am hoping it’s just viral and will go away soon. He was pretty cranky today :(. Anytime he has a fever, it’s nerve-wracking for Daniel and myself.