Timothy Song

From Alice Song’s blog:

It is confirmed. 9/10 match. Not perfect, but may be good enough. I am trusting God this is His leading and guidance. We need to meet with the BMT department. I have a LOT of questions and concerns that I want to ask and bring up. This also means, we are going to try to fly out to Children’s Hospital of Texas to get a 2nd consult on the transplant. It’s unbelievable, at the same time what it’s suppose to be. My mind is racing with things I need to do, people I need to email, logistics of possibly relocating to the fears of transplant risks.

Thank you for your prayers. I have been encouraged beyond words from people close and far, even from people I have never met. THANK YOU. Your prayers have been my strength when doubts cloud over me. Please continue to do so as we make many life-changing decisions for our family.

Please continue to spread the word about bone marrow registry. This prospect of hope can be given to another family…

Lastly, would you lift up a prayer for Timothy’s health today? He had a fever today. He hasn’t had a fever in a long time, since April. I am hoping it’s just viral and will go away soon. He was pretty cranky today :(. Anytime he has a fever, it’s nerve-wracking for Daniel and myself.

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