Step One: Send Emails, Obtain Information

Note: These process posts will likely be short and blurb-y — more of a means for me to chronicle what I’ve done and need to do than express anything extensive. Someday they could serve as a valuable resource for other people who may be interested in pursuing causes of their own. That’d be cool.

Previous web searches I’ve done have shown that there are a ton of resources available on the web for obtaining information regarding bone marrow donation, including the extremely awesome is the website of “Be the Match,” which is the National Bone Marrow Registry. What interests me specifically is their “Grow the Registry” page, where people/organizations can request information kits to host bone marrow drives of their own.

Other sites include (which despite the resemblance in name, I swear I did not steal),, and the Asian American Donor Program at

I want to be able to develop contacts at these types of organizations in the hope of answering questions specific to:

  • Data and statistics about bone marrow as a need — incidence, ethnic breakdowns, etc.;
  • The logistics of bone marrow donation, as the host of a drive;
  • The process of bone marrow donation, as a donor;
  • The process of bone marrow donation, as a recipient;
  • The risks associated with bone marrow donation;
  • The costs associated with bone marrow donation for people of Asian descent;
  • Insights or advice;
  • Prospective contacts;
  • Other ideas as they arise.

My ultimate goal is to fully develop, which currently lies in the same dormant state it’s been in since I bought it several years ago. An issue I’ve found with a lot of sites that explain an issue as complex as bone marrow donation is that their presentation of information can be a bit unclear. I want to make a site that allows prospective donors, donors, recipients and others to know exactly what they’re getting into. No sugar-coating, no under-emphasis of the nature of the actual bone marrow donation procedures, no glazing over of statistics and data to express a specific perspective. Being a nerd by nature, I love the impartiality and revealing nature of data. I’m confident that the data will stand on its own and that the need for donors will speak for itself. My goal is not to deceive or manipulate anyone into becoming a donor. I want people to develop their own conviction that becoming a donor is right for them.

Fortunately I currently work as a web developer, so I can handle the technical development of the site on my own. Unfortunately I have the aesthetic instincts of a gorilla, so I may need to consult the talents of some friends or pay for a design. But I think that’s a worthwhile expense. Regardless, the key to the site will be content, content, content.

This post was significantly longer than I expected it to be, but I think that’s to be expected with these initial posts as I still continue to hash out this idea. I’ll be posting under various “tags” — “Mission” will explain the motives/philosophy behind cheekswab, whereas “Process” will chronicle the steps I’m taking to get to where I’m going. Future tags will be explained as they appear.

Anyway, the goal for today: send those emails.

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