Goes Live!

5 months later, the website is ready to go live.

It’s been a long road, with probably upwards of 100 hours of writing content and making design choices. But I’m pleased with how everything turned out, and I think it could serve as a really valuable resource to anyone who wants to learn more about becoming a bone marrow donor.

Brief acknowledgements:

  • Elly Kim, the fantastically talented and patient designer of the logo at the top of the page;
  • The number of close friends and family that gave me advice, encouragement, and helped proofread the content of this site;
  • The National Marrow Donor Program, for providing such an incredible, live-saving public service and a wealth of information on their website;
  • Anyone who has joined or considered joining but wanted to learn more about the bone marrow registry;
  • Those patients needing a bone marrow transplant and their loved ones.

Check back for updates, and please share the link to those who many not know about the cause already! We’ll also be on twitter: @cheekswab.

One thought on “ Goes Live!

  1. Great work! This is a solid (and beautiful) site full of lots of important information. Love the layout and the easy-to-find nature of everything. Keep it up.

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