Dennis in Benin
Dennis (left), recently back from his Peace Corps post in Benin, Africa

My friend’s fiance, Dennis, is donating bone marrow tomorrow morning at 6:30am for a 60 year old woman in California whom he’s never met.

He’s undergoing the more invasive marrow donation (through the hip) procedure at Georgetown Hospital.

If you read this, please say a prayer. For the procedure, a speedy and pleasant recovery for Dennis, and the woman in California who needs this transplant and the loved ones affected by her illness.


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  1. Hi, This is Nora and Sharon’s mom. Some people think that being a bone mroarw donor is very painful, so they hesitate to sign up. Signing up is easy and requires just a blood test. Even the next stage, where you have been identified as a potential donor is easy just a blood test. The actual donating is done under anesthesia and your hip bone(s) might hurt for a few days but what is that bit of pain if it saves someones life? You can take pain pills. The odds are slight that you will ever be called on. I was called for further testing but no further. My husband has never been called on for further testing. But we would have donated without a moment’s hesitation if we had had the chance. So, please, register to be a donor!!!

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